[book] Dragon Quest Easy Solo Guitar

lang. switch 日本語

arrangement, performance : Daisuke Minamizawa

[BSV direct]

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=> CD

  1. Overture (DQ I) [mov]
  2. Chåteau Ladutorm (DQ I)
  3. Unknown World (DQ I)
  4. Only Lonely Boy (DQ II)
  5. Chåteau (DQ II)
  6. Town (DQ II)
  7. Distant Journey (DQ II) [mov]
  8. Endless World (DQ II)
  9. Beyond the Waves (DQ II) [mov]
  10. Adventure (DQ III) [mov]
  11. Small Shrine (DQ III) [mov]
  12. Boogie Woogie (DQ III) [mov]
  13. Heavenly Flight (DQ III) [mov]
  14. Distant Memories (DQ III)
  15. Into the Legend (DQ III)
  16. Intermezzo (DQ IV) [mov]
  17. The Warrior Conquers Alone (DQ IV) [mov]
  18. Casino Rag (DQ IV) [mov]
  19. Casino (DQ V)
  20. Lively Town (DQ V)
  21. Melody of Love (DQ V)
  22. In the Town (DQ VI) [mov]
  23. Relaxing Street Corner (DQ VII)
  24. Tavern Polka (DQ IX)
  25. Inn (I) (ME) [mov]
  26. Level Up (ME) [mov]
  27. Church (ME) [mov]
  28. Inn (ME) [mov]
  29. Save (ME) [mov]
  30. Recollection of Love (ME) [mov]

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  1. Tim

    Do you still have this tab book

    • bsvmusic

      This book is still available for purchase.
      Please note that delivery is not available in some areas.

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