[book] Dragon Quest Solo Guitar Collections

lang. switch日本語

arrangement, performance : Daisuke Minamizawa


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  1. Overture March (DQ I) [mov]
  2. People (DQ I)
  3. Unknown World (DQ I)
  4. Endless World (DQ II) [mov]
  5. My Road My Journey (DQ II)
  6. Town (DQ III)
  7. Village (DQ III)
  8. Adventure (DQ III)
  9. Heavenly Fright (DQ III)
  10. Battle Theme (DQ III)
  11. Intermezzo (DQ IV)
  12. Town (DQ IV)
  13. Casino (DQ IV)
  14. Melody in an Ancient Town (DQ V)
  15. Melancholy (DQ VI)
  16. Heavenly Village (DQ VII)
  17. Toura Dance (DQ VII)
  18. Revival Prayer (DQ VII)
  19. Remembrances… (DQ VIII)
  20. Altar of Change (DQ IX)
  21. Angelic Land (DQ IX)
  22. The Heavens (DQ X)
  23. Victory (ME) [mov]
  24. Level Up (ME) [mov]
  25. Church (ME)
  26. Death (ME)
  27. Encounter (ME) [mov]
  28. Inn (ME) [mov]
  29. Echoing Flute (ME) [mov]
  30. Save (ME)
  31. Ocarina (ME) [mov]

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  1. Shaun


    I want to buy FinalFantasy Solo Guitar Collections vol.1, vol.2 and vol.3
    AND Dragon Quest Solo Guitar Collections

    Can you help me put this all in one order/one basket please? Does it deliver to Ireland? Thanks.

    • bsvmusic


      First, I can ship the books from Japan to Ireland now.
      The total price for the four books (FinalFantasy Solo Guitar Collections vol.1, vol.2 and vol.3
AND Dragon Quest Solo Guitar Collections) is 15,299 yen. If this is acceptable, I will send a PayPal invoice to your gmail.

      Best regards,
      Daisuke Minamizawa

      P.S. “Dragon Quest Solo Guitar Collections” does not come with a CD, is that ok?

      • Shaun

        Thank you for your response. That price of 15,299 yen is totally acceptable. DQ solo guitar collections not having a CD is also fine.
        I look forward to receiving the invoice!
        Much respect Daisuke, I have been a fan of yours for over a decade, and have watched your videos thousands of times. Only now am I confident in my fingerstyle abilities to attempt your brilliant arrangements.

        • bsvmusic

          Thank you for your order. I have sent you an email.

  2. Jai Baraoidan


    Is this score available digitally?

    • bsvmusic

      Digital version of this score is not available.
      I’m sorry…

  3. Carlos Venegas

    Is this book still available?
    I’d like to buy it

    • bsvmusic

      This book is awaiting reprint by the publisher.
      Please wait.

      • Carlos Venegas

        Thank you very much!
        I will wait patiently.
        Will there be an announcement of the reprint?

        I like and respect your wonderful job!

        • bsvmusic

          After reprint, I will inform on this page.

  4. Sean

    I would like to know if your score books are only in proper musical score or wether it also contains tablature as well. I would buy lots if it contains tab. Thank you

    • bsvmusic

      All my scorebook includes TAB.

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