[book w/CD] FinalFantasy Solo Guitar Collections vol.1

lang. switch 日本語

arrangement, performance : Daisuke Minamizawa

Book (music score, TAB, diagram (finger board)) + audio CD

[BSV direct]

***** NOTICE *****

Currently, due to COVID-19, there are areas where shipments cannot be shipped from Japan. Before you place an order, please check the latest information on this page to see if your shipping destination has stopped receiving.


Orders from non-delivery areas will be refunded after deducting PayPal fees.

If you have any questions, please contact me from the comment section at the bottom of the page.
(Comments will be published after approval.)

Areas that cannot be delivered (As of March 1, 2021)

including postage ;

* Please select the shipping destination area carefully.



  1. The Prelude (FF IV) [sample]
  2. Town (FF I) [sample]
  3. Battle Scene (FF I) [sample]
  4. Victory (FF I) [sample]
  5. Save Music (FF I)
  6. Inn (FF II)
  7. Battle 1 (FF III)
  8. Victory Fanfare (FF III)
  9. Chocobo Theme (FF III) [mov]
  10. Theme of Love (FF IV) [sample]
  11. Good Night ! (FF V)
  12. Tina (FF VI)
  13. Aerith’s Theme (FF VII) [mov]
  14. One Winged Angel (FF VII) [sample]
  15. Good Night, Until Tomorrow (FF VII)
  16. Eyes On Me (FF VIII) [sample]
  17. Balamb GARDEN (FF VIII)
  18. The Place I’ll Return to Someday (FF IX) [sample]
  19. Melodies Of Life (FF IX) [mov]
  20. At Zanarkand (FF X) [sample]
  21. Song of Prayer (FF X)
  22. Suteki Da Ne [Isn’t It Beautiful?] (FF X) [sample]
  23. Recollection (FF XI)
  24. Kiss Me Good-Bye (FF XII) [sample]
  25. This Is Your Home (FF XIII)
  26. Final Fantasy (FF V) [sample]

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  1. Julian ursano

    Hello. Can you ship to Mexico? If yes, approximate time?

    • bsvmusic


      It usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to reach Mexico from Japan.
      However, due to COVID-19, delivery will be significantly delayed, according to the Japan Post Office. I don’t know the specific number of days.

  2. Karl

    hello, I would like to order a book. Do you ship to Germany?

    • bsvmusic

      Thank you for sending comment.
      I can ship from Japan to Germany.
      I’m looking forward to your order.

  3. Jeffrey

    can you ship to Canada now?

    • bsvmusic

      Currently, I cannot ship from Japan to Canada. I’m so sorry…

  4. Rodney


    I would love to order the book. Do you ship to the Netherlands?

    • bsvmusic

      I can ship from Japan to Netherlands now.

      • Rodney

        Thanks for letting me know. I just ordered the book. Looking forward seeing it soon! 🙂

  5. Jose Juaristi

    are you planning to do PDF version for US customers? thanks!

    • bsvmusic

      The pdf version cannot be created due to the processing of rights.
      (And, Unfortunately, shipping to the US has not been resumed yet.)

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