[book w/CD] Melodies of Solo Guitar vol.5 : Studio Ghibli Animations

lang. switch 日本語

arrangement, performance : Daisuke Minamizawa

Book (music score, TAB) + 2 audio CDs

[BSV direct]

Please use mail form to let me know your email address, the title of the book you would like to purchase, and the country to which it will be shipped. I will get back to you and send you an invoice via email.



  1. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (Opening) [Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind] [sample]
  2. Nausicaa, Requiem [Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind] [sample]
  3. Bird Person (Ending) [Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind] [sample]
  4. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind [Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind] [sample]
  5. Morning in the Slag Ravine [Castle in the Sky] [sample]
  6. Sheeta’s Decision [Castle in the Sky] [sample]
  7. Carrying You [Castle in the Sky] [sample]
  8. Stroll (The Opening Theme Song) [My Neighbor Totoro] [sample]
  9. Mother [My Neighbor Totoro] [sample]
  10. The Path of Wind [My Neighbor Totoro] [sample]
  11. A Lost Child [My Neighbor Totoro] [sample]
  12. My Neighbor Totoro (The Ending Song) [My Neighbor Totoro] [sample]
  13. Home Sweet Home [Grave of the Fireflies] [sample]
  14. On A Clear Day… [Kiki’s Delivery Service] [sample]
  15. Message of Rouge [Kiki’s Delivery Service] [sample]
  16. A Town with an Ocean View [Kiki’s Delivery Service] [sample]
  17. Substitute Jiji [Kiki’s Delivery Service] [sample]
  18. If I’ve Been Enveloped by Tenderness [Kiki’s Delivery Service] [sample]
  19. Only Yesterday (Main Theme) [Only Yesterday] [sample]
  20. Omoide Poroporo [Only Yesterday] [sample]
  21. The Rose (Original : Bette Midler) [Only Yesterday] [sample]
  22. The Time of Cherries [Porco Rosso] [sample]
  23. The Bygone Days [Porco Rosso] [sample]
  24. Once In A While, Talk Of The Old Days [Porco Rosso] [sample]
  25. Angel’s Room [Whisper of The Heart] [sample]
  26. Country Road [Whisper of The Heart] [sample]
  27. Princess Mononoke [Princess Mononoke] [sample]
  28. Ashitaka and San [Princess Mononoke] [sample]
  29. The Legend of Ashitaka [Princess Mononoke] [sample]
  30. Quit Being Alone [My Neighbors the Yamadas] [sample]
  31. One Summer Day [Spirited Away] [sample]
  32. Always with Me [Spirited Away] [sample]
  33. Become the Wind [The Cat Returns] [sample]
  34. The Merry-Go-Round of Life [Howl’s Moving Castle] [sample]
  35. The Promise of the World [Howl’s Moving Castle] [sample]
  36. Teru’s Song [Tales from Earthsea] [sample]
  37. Ponyo on The Cliff by The Sea [Ponyo on The Cliff by The Sea] [sample]
  38. Arrietty’s Song [The Borrower Arrietty] [sample]
  39. Summer of Goodbye [From Up on Poppy Hill] [sample]
  40. Vapor Trail [The Wind Rises] [mov]
  41. Journey (Dreamy Flight) [The Wind Rises] [sample]
  42. Memory of Life [The Tale of Princess Kaguya] [mov]

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[book w/CD] Melodies of Solo Guitar vol.5 : Studio Ghibli Animations
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  1. Anish

    are you able to ship to India?

    • bsvmusic

      As of July 3, packages from Japan to India were not yet accepted.
      I’m so sorry…

      • Anish

        If postage to India is accepted please notify me sir.

        • bsvmusic

          According to the latest announcement updated on July 29th, as of August 26th, it is still not possible to send the book from Japan to India.
          I will continue to keep an eye on it.

  2. James Lee

    Thanks, i have put order. Looking forward for the book. From Malaysia

  3. Jeffrey


    Are there a way we can get the songs in Flac or MP3 if we order? I don’t think anyone has a CD reader to listen to what the song is supposed to sound like. The sample songs you show are not complete.

    • bsvmusic


      It’s difficult in terms of music rights at this time.

      • James Lee

        Are you able to ship to Malaysia?

        • bsvmusic

          Shipping from Japan to Malaysia is possible.

  4. David

    Hello dear sir,
    is it possible to order multiple books in one shipment?

    Thank you!

    • bsvmusic

      It is possible. You should order one by one please.
      If you order more than 2 books, I will refund you a little discount.

      • David

        Hello again,
        Thank you for the quick reply.

        A few days ago I have placed the orders for two books, but received no message wether they were accepted… I am confused about this ordering process… but I am really looking forward to learn from your books!
        David from Berlin

        • bsvmusic

          Thank you for payment. I accepted your 2 orders.
          When the books are shipped, I will email to you with tracking number.
          The book will be shipped later than the day after tomorrow. Please wait for a while.
          Best regards,
          Daisuke Minamizawa

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