[book w/CD] FinalFantasy Solo Guitar Collections vol.2


arrangement, performance : Daisuke Minamizawa

Book (music score, TAB, diagram (finger board)) + audio CD

[BSV direct]

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  1. Temple of Chaos (FF I)
  2. Town (FF II) [mov], [short mov]
  3. Rest at the Inn (FF III)
  4. Elia, the Maiden of Water (FF III) [sample]
  5. Town of Water (FF III) [short mov]
  6. The Dark Crystals (FF III)
  7. Theme of Sorrow (FF IV)
  8. Inn (FF IV)
  9. Home, Sweet Home (FF V) [short mov]
  10. Music Box (FF V) [short mov]
  11. Dear Friends (FF V) [sample]
  12. Shadow’s Theme (FF VI) [mov]
  13. Spinach Rag (FF VI) [sample]
  14. Searching for Friends (FF VI) [mov]
  15. Epitaph (FF VI)
  16. Cosmo Canyon (FF VII) [mov]
  17. Shuffle or Boogie (FF VIII)
  18. Vamo’alla flamenco (FF IX) [mov]
  19. Sweet Dreams (FF IX)
  20. Theme of the Tantalus (FF IX)
  21. Rose of May (FF IX) [mov]
  22. Daguerreo, The Hermit’s Library (FF IX)
  23. Battle Theme (FF X) [short mov]
  24. Victory Fanfare (FF X)
  25. Eternity ~Memory of Lightwaves~ (FF X-2) [sample]
  26. Good Night (FF X-2)
  27. 1000 words (FF X-2) [sample]
  28. On Windy Meadows (FF XIV)

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  1. doug

    Will this ever be available for download? I would like to buy but it’s not shipping to the US….

    • bsvmusic

      There is no digital data…
      Please wait until the transportation becomes normal.

  2. Nicholas Raston

    Hello there.
    I’m a fan of the Final Fantasy recitals you arrange, and I often visit your channel to listen to you play my favourite tracks from the series.
    When the current epidemic gets better, I wish to order your tab books the moment we open our borders again (I live in New Zealand).

    Do you have English versions of your tablature books?

    Kind Regards,

    • bsvmusic

      Thank you for your comment.

      Unfortunately, there is no English version.
      However, Japanese text data of commentary text is prepared.
      You can download it, translate it with translation software and read it.

      We can’t send packages from Japan to New Zealand right now. Please wait a while…

      • Nicholas Raston

        Awesome, thank you for your reply.

        Please email me if/when postage to New Zealand is possible.
        I’d love to buy this collection.
        This will also give me more incentive to resume my study of Japanese language and culture, and combines that with music.

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