BSV direct / web shop NOTICE

27 Feb, 2024 update

BSV direct / web shop NOTICE

15 Jan, 2024
to J***R*** (
The email I sent is coming back. I apologize for the inconvenience, but please double-check your email address and contact me again.


If you do not receive a download address notification from BSV direct or BSV web shop within 24 hours after purchasing the downloaded product, it is likely that your email settings are preventing me from contacting you.

In such a case, please check your spam folder or contact us using the “Leave a Comment” link at the bottom of this page (comments submitted will not be made public). My answers will be posted in the “BSV direct / web shop NOTICE” section at the top of this page (This is because you may not receive emails from me again.).

・Your name
・Your Email address
・Product purchased
・Purchase date

Also, if the download address notification email returns to you due to an error, we may notify you in the “BSV direct / web shop NOTICE” section at the top of this page. If you do not receive an email from our web shop, please check once.

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  1. Anish G

    Sir I want to purchase studio Ghibli book from India

    • bsvmusic

      I sent email to you. Please check it.

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