[instr.book w/CD] First Step of Solo Guitar Technique

Daisuke Minamizawa

* written in Japanese.

KOREAN edition :
누구나 쉽게 배우는 핑거스타일 기타입문
미나미자와 다이스케

Traditional CHINESE edition


include 11 etudes

  1. arpeggio
  2. quick arpeggio
  3. three fingers
  4. alternate bass
  5. hammer-on, pull-off
  6. slide, glissando
  7. bending, vibrato, mute
  8. harmonics
  9. strum (stroke)
  10. right hand, left hand
  11. body hit

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  1. Derrick Tolius

    Hello, I am an English playing fingerstyle guitarist and want to learn some techniques. Are there any English documents or workbooks available to purchase?

    Thank you!

    • bsvmusic


      There is no English document.
      I’m sorry…

      “24 Etudes for Solo Guitar” pdf contains Japanese text data, which you can read using the translation app.

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