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compose, arrangement, performance : Daisuke Minamizawa

The original soundtrack of the theatrical play “Love Stars Day (1991)” by the theater company Zonzon Produce. A sorrowful story woven by a well-known man in the town who believes in the legend of a mermaid and a female coast guard commander.
original release (cassette) : 1991

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  1. Little Mermaid 2 prologue
  2. The Island
  3. Adults Don’t Believe Me
  4. Coast Guard
  5. Chase A -Calling-
  6. Intrution 2
  7. T-A-N-A-B-A-T-A
  8. Chase B -Disaster-
  9. I Should Have Said Goodbye
  10. Pathway to the Sea
  11. Little Mermaid 2 Epilogue – Beyond the Legend
  12. Minibata
  13. Theme of the Lady (Unused Version)
  14. You Are the Sea, I Am the Sky (Demo Version)
  15. On the Beach (Demo Version)
  16. Adults Don’t Believe Me (Backing Track)
  17. T-A-N-A-B-A-T-A (Backing Track)
  18. I Should Have Said Goodbye (Backing Track)
  19. Pathway to the Sea (Backing Track)