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compose, arrangement, performance : Daisuke Minamizawa

The original soundtrack of the theatrical play “Find the Valentine Stone! (1992)” by the theater company Zonzon Produce. An adventurous action story about the mysterious treasure Valentine Stone, unfolded by playboy “Uta-San” and boy “Gonsuke”, “The Lady” and kunoichis, the mountain witch and two fairies, and the mysterious girl.
original release (cassette) : 1992

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  1. Tonight’s the Misty Night (Acoustic Version)
  2. One Grain of the Star
  3. The Drifter
  4. Two Like One
  5. Love Can’t Be Bought…
  6. Tonight’s the Misty Night
  7. Chases
  8. Winners
  9. Good Night
  10. Spread My Wings
  11. Tonight’s the Misty Night (Instrumental Version, Demo)
  12. Ghostly Forest (2022 Remix)
  13. Two Like One (Instrumental Version)
  14. Love Can’t Be Bought… (Instrumental Version)
  15. Interlude -Yoh & Sei-
  16. Collection of the Lady
  17. Spooky Music
  18. Chase 1
  19. Chase 2
  20. Chase 3
  21. Good Night (Instrumental Version)
  22. Spread My Wings (Instrumental Version)
  23. Spread My Wings (1994 Version, Vocal Demo)
  24. One Grain of the Star (Backing Track)
  25. Two Like One (Backing Track)
  26. Love Can’t Be Bought… (Backing Track)
  27. Tonight’s the Misty Night (Backing Track)
  28. Good Night (Backing Track)
  29. Spread My Wings (Backing Track)
  30. Spread My Wings (1994 Version, Backing Track)