[book w/CD] Melodies of Solo Guitar vol.4 [2nd edition]

lang. switch 日本語

arrangement, performance : Daisuke Minamizawa

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  1. Before You Accuse Me (Eric Clapton)
  2. Over The Rainbow (Eric Clapton)
  3. Hey Joe (Jimi Hendrix)
  4. Love In Vain (Robert Johnson)
  5. Parisienne Walkways (Gary Moore)
  6. Desperado (Eagles)
  7. We Are The Champions (Queen)
  8. Twist & Shout (Beatles)
  9. Rock’n Roll All Nite (Kiss)
  10. Africa (Toto)
  11. I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing (Aerosmith)
  12. Smoke On The Water (Deep Purple)
  13. Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon and Gerfunkel)
  14. Scarborough Fair (Simon and Gerfunkel)
  15. Puff (Peter Paul & Mary)
  16. You’ve Got A Friend (James Taylor)
  17. Woman (John Lennon)
  18. Hard To Say I’m Sorry (Chicago)
  19. Without You (Nilson)
  20. Lovin’ You (Minnie Riperton)
  21. I’ve Never Been To Me (Sharline)
  22. My Heart Will Go On (Celine Dion)
  23. SUMMER (Joe Hisaishi)
  24. Dance With Me (Earl Klugh)
  25. If (Bread)
  26. To Be With You (Mr. Big)
  27. The Galaxy Express 999 (Theme from Japanese Animation)
  28. A Flower Unlike Any Other In The World (Japanese Pops)
  29. Earthly Stars (Japanese Pops)
  30. Abarenbou Shogun (Theme from Japanese TV Drama)

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  1. Edwin Sarver

    Can you ship to US now?

    • bsvmusic

      We are still unable to ship from Japan to the United States (as of August 26, 2020).

  2. Tanasak

    Is this solo guitar vol. 4 book still available?

    • bsvmusic

      “Melodies of Solo Guitar vol.4 (2nd edition)” is available now. If you want to buy, please use “BSV direct” button.

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