[book w/CD] FinalFantasy Solo Guitar Collections vol.3

lang. switch 日本語

arrangement, performance : Daisuke Minamizawa

Book (music score, TAB, diagram (finger board)) + audio CD

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  1. Matoya’s Cave (FF I) [sample]
  2. Battle Scene 1 (FF II) [sample]
  3. Rebel Army Theme (FF II)
  4. Item Get (FF III)
  5. Rydia (FF IV)
  6. Lenna’s Theme (FF V)
  7. Clash on the Big Bridge (FF V) [mov]
  8. One Day, for Certain (FF V)
  9. Kids Run Through The City Corner (FF VI)
  10. Cefca (FF VI) [sample]
  11. Those Who Fight (FF VII) [mov]
  12. Fanfare (FF VII)
  13. Fisherman’s Horizon (FF VIII) [sample]
  14. Battle 1 (FF IX) [sample]
  15. Village Of Dali (FF IX)
  16. You’re Not Alone (FF IX)
  17. Unrequited Love (FF IX)
  18. Jecht’s Theme (FF X) [sample]
  19. Good Night (FF X)
  20. Mog House (FF XI)
  21. Nap (FF XII)
  22. Lightning’s Theme (FF XIII) [sample]
  23. Noel’s Theme (FF XIII-2) [sample]
  24. Yakusoku no Basho (Japanese version of “New World”) (FF XIII-2) [sample]
  25. Zero (FF Type-0) [sample]

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  1. Zidane

    Hi, Is there any online books that I could buy for this book or others final fantasy guitar solo book?

    • bsvmusic

      The digital version cannot be created due to the processing of rights.
      If you want to get music score, please buy the (real) book.
      Best regards,
      Daisuke Minamizawa

  2. aldray

    Hi, i am interested in learning the final fantasy song for guitar. Is the tab scores for guitar easy to read? do you have a sample to share before i buy from your online store? i stay in Singapore.

  3. Pedro Winter

    Is there any way I could pay for just Those Who Fight? FFVII is the only one I played. It would be really hard for me to pay full price just to learn one music…

    • bsvmusic

      Due to rights issues, there is no single score sale.
      Buy “FinalFantasy Solo Guitar Collections vol.3” please.

  4. Dustin Roy

    Is it possible to get in English or can the tabs be read regardless?

    • bsvmusic

      The explanation is written in Japanese, but you can read the downloaded text data with the translation application.
      Reading TAB scores is language independent.

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